NTDF will do its best to make sure that all employees work in a healthy and safe environment. 

Whenever possible NTDF will try to work in a way that protects the environment.  NTDF will also try to work in a way that meets the needs of today’s generation, without impacting too much on future generations.  This is known as “sustainable development”.


  • To comply with current legislation, legal obligations, applicable statutory provisions and relevant codes of practice.
  • To promote health, safety and environmental awareness throughout the organisation.
  • To ensure staff are trained to understand the Policy and have the skills to implement it.
  • To avoid damage to the environment by regularly reviewing the way we work
  • To produce an environmental performance report on an annual basis to monitor progress.
  • To use natural resources as efficiently as possible.
  • To minimise the use of all materials, supplies and energy.
  • Wherever possible, to use renewable or recyclable materials.
  • Reduce fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions.

To Achieve these Objectives

  • Implement, monitor and update the policy as required.
  • Lead by example, and include the policy in staff induction and training, and update staff by email, training sessions, and team meetings.
  • Actively encourage the use of recyclable materials and paper, and the recycling and reuse of these and other materials.
  • Monitor premises and team performance and promote best practice in teams.
  • Try, where possible, to trade with businesses with similar environmental standards to our own – suppliers, vendors and contractors.
  • Show that we are serious about our commitment to sustainable development by including environmental issues in our strategic planning.
  • Encourage staff to use energy and water resources efficiently.
  • Reduce any unnecessary travel, and encourage staff to travel by public transport or by car sharing where possible.
  • CO will report annually to the Trustees on progress made against environmental targets

“Doing our bit”

At December 2021, NTDF signed up to our  NTDF  ‘Doing our Bit’ 10 point principles to making a difference training and sharing project work. ( Statement to Principles available on request, underpinning the training modules and certificated learning.)

Environmental and Sustainability Policy (January 2023)

NTDF are committed to sustainable development within our work.

Concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of this commitment. Our aim is to reduce the impact on the environment from our service delivery and to this end we take time to consider eco friendly interventions and good practice.

We assess the environmental impact of our service delivery and set objectives in order to improve our environmental performance.  In practice this means we make sure our grounds and our buildings heed the need to protect the environment for future generations.

We  regularly review our targets to solar energy,  rainfall collection to garden maintenance, our wild flowers and vegetable and herb gardens. We do not use pesticide or damaging chemicals either within our centre or its grounds. We try to protect the birds and wild life in our area – we have bird feeders, a pond, green houses and raised vegetable and herb beds – water butts and composters – and pro actively look to being environmentally friendly

We promote responsibility for the environment within the organisation and communicate and implement this policy at all levels within the workforce

This is a developing policy for NTDF and will be added to and developed in keeping with current thinking around responsible practices.

Dr Bob Dennis, Chairperson – January 2023